Future-proof: Commerce Tech Adapts to Digital-first Consumers


Can your technology infrastructure support the future of commerce? In this webinar, Myplanet and guest Forrester dive into the key questions every executive should be asking, then discuss the two paths companies can take.



Commerce technology is rapidly evolving

Making an investment in commerce technology is about more than solving today’s challenges. It's about making your bussiness scalable and flexible for future needs.

Commerce leaders have two options: all-in-one platforms, which offer a lot of features, or composable systems, which deliver the ultimate level of flexibility and customizability. 
Which one you choose depends on your goals, budgets, and the intricate balance between building quickly and building sustainably. There is no one right answer. That’s what this conversation is all about.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • The current technology ecosystem
  • Choosing between all-in-one and composable systems
  • How partnerships can help you bring your strategy to reality



Emily Pfeiffer

Senior Analyst, Forrester

Emily serves digital business strategy professionals and providers with a focus on the technology that enables commerce. She is an expert in commerce, order management, and drop-shipping technologies. Emily helps providers and practitioners anticipate the strategies, technologies, and priorities that will keep them relevant and ready for what’s to come.


Katherine Jones

VP, Platform Strategy, Myplanet

Drawing on over a decade of experience across a range of verticals, Katherine focuses on the development and execution of complex digital selling programs. Prior to Myplanet, Katherine led the Development Studio for a global digital performance agency. A retail junkie by profession and by passion, Katherine partners with clients to build a clear vision for effective omnichannel CX strategy.


Matthew Finch-Noyes

Director, Partnerships & Growth, Myplanet

As Director Partnerships + Growth, Matthew helps DTC brands/companies think about how to solve the challenges faced in the customer-dictated world of omnipresence commerce alongside Myplanet's leading partners.

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